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Registration opens September 1st.  Many sessions fill quickly; early registration is recommended.

Summer 2015: Please Note,  The grade levels listed below reflect campers’ finishing grade (not rising).

Main Camp 2015

Main Camp 2015 Grades Dates Length Rate
Session A K-6th Saturday, June 6- Friday, June 12 7 days $1525
Session B K-6th Sunday, June 14 - Friday, June 26 13 days $2725
Session C K-6th Sunday, June 28 - Friday, July 17 20 days $3550
Session C1 K-6th Sunday, June 28 - Tuesday, July 7 10 days $2250
Session C2 K-6th Wednesday, July 8 - Friday, July 17 10 days $2250
Session D K-6th Sunday, July 19 - Friday, July 31 13 days $2725
Session E K-6th Sunday, Aug. 2 - Sunday, Aug. 9 8 days $1600

Mountainside 2015

Mountainside 2015 Grades Dates Length Rate
MS1-A 5th-7th Saturday, June 6- Monday, June 15 10 days $2300
MS1-B 5th-7th Wednesday, June 17 - Friday, June 26 10 days $2300
MS2 5th-7th Sunday, June 28 - Friday, July 17 3 weeks $3800
MS3 5th-7th Sunday, July 19 - Sunday, August 9 3 weeks $3800

Riverside 2015

Riverside 2015 Grades Dates Length Rate
RS1 7th & 8th Saturday, June 6 - Friday, June 26 3 weeks $4200
RS2 7th & 8th Sunday, June 28 - Friday, July 17 3 weeks $4200
RS3 7th & 8th Sunday, July 19 - Sunday, August 9 3 weeks $4200

Session Availability Update (updated 12/2/14)

Priority will be given to returning campers until October 1st.

Session Girls Boys
C2 FULL with long wait list limited space
C limited space limited space
MS1A FULL- no wait list  
MS1B FULL- no wait list FULL- no wait list
MS2 FULL- long wait list FULL- short wait list
MS3 FULL- short wait list  
RS1 FULL space available!
Day Camp 1 NA NA
Day Camp 2 NA NA
Day Camp 3 NA NA
Day Camp 4 NA NA
Day Camp 5 NA NA
Day Camp 6 NA NA


*If you would like to add your camper to a wait list, please complete the online application and submit the deposit. If a space becomes available, we will communicate with your family before enrolling your child. Your deposit is fully refundable at any time while your child is on the wait list.


Parent/Camper Information

 Please continue to the Registration and Forms page (below) to learn more about the registration process and policies. The Parent Handbook (PDF) is also located on the Registration & Forms page (see below). The Parent Handbook is designed to provide specific information about Gwynn Valley and suggestions for preparing your child for a positive, successful camp experience.

Registration and Forms

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