Gwynn Valley strives to provide an atmosphere uniquely appropriate for campers as they progress through childhood. Main Camp is the heart of our Gwynn Valley programming and the majority of our campers begin their Gwynn Valley experience in this program. As campers age into their teen years, we offer distinct programs for different age groups.

Program Progression at Gwynn Valley

  • Main Camp: Finishing K – 6th
  • Mountainside: Finishing 6th – 8th
  • Riverside: Finishing 8th – 9th
  • Young Leaders: Finishing 9th – 10th

Check the Sessions page for dates and rates. 

Main Camp

Main Camp is the core of our camp culture and holds the majority of our campers. This program is for campers finishing K – 6th grade. There are two primary areas of Main Camp known as Hillside and Brookside. Campers in both areas enjoy all the same programmatic elements of Main Camp, with slight difference in the cabins to account for the needs of younger and older camper groups. Younger campers live on Hillside, and older campers live on Brookside; the exact age divide varies depending on the median age of the session. Main Camp offers a variety of session lengths including 1 week, 10 day, 2 week and 3 week sessions. The 1 week and 10 day sessions are designed to provide a “taste” of camp for those children who may not have had a previous overnight camp experience.

Older Programs at Gwynn Valley

As campers age, we seek to continue providing engaging and growth-oriented programming at Gwynn Valley. We have created specific programs to provide age-appropriate fun and levels of challenge. All of our Older Programs focus on community building, self-discovery, and leadership development. Mountainside and Riverside incorporate outdoor adventure as a strong programmatic theme, where the Young Leaders program focuses on being a helper and leader within Main Camp. Older Programs at Gwynn Valley include:

  • Mountainside a program for middle school campers (finishing 6th – 8th grades) with a focus on outdoor adventure and community building. 10-day and 3-week sessions available. Space is limited in this program in order to create a strong sense of community and belonging for each camper.
  • Riverside is an even smaller program for campers finishing 8th and 9th grade. Riverside has a very strong wilderness focus with 4 out of every 7 days spent in the field. Riverside offers 3 week sessions only.
  • Young Leaders is a program for campers finishing 9th and 10th grades. This program focuses on leadership development and acts as a bridge between camper and staff roles at Gwynn Valley. Leadership skills developed in this program will serve campers in many aspects of young adulthood and beyond.

Finding the right fit: 6th grade, 8th grade and 9th grade are choice years. 6th grade campers have a choice between Main Camp and Mountainside; 8th grade campers have a choice between Mountainside and Riverside; 9th grade campers have a choice between Riverside and Young Leaders. If you have any questions about which program might be a better fit for your camper, please call the Gwynn Valley office for advice.

For more information about Gwynn Valley’s Day Camp program, please visit the Day Camp page.

Fore more information about the Staff in Training (SIT) Program and other staff positions at Gwynn Valley please check out the Employment page.

Main Camp

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