Throughout the fall and winter, we travel around to alumni homes and meet prospective campers.  We eat some snacks or pizza, watch our latest DVD, answer questions, and give out our very own Gwynn Valley grown popcorn.

Check out the schedule below to see when we’re in a town near you.  This schedule is updated frequently.

For more information, such as the show location, please contact the host directly using the phone number listed below. You can also reach us at the Gwynn Valley Office (828-885-2900).


2016 Fall Travel Schedule

Nashville, TN Oct 17-6:00PM Leschen 615-414-2826
Nashville, TN Oct 18-6:00PM Dawkins 904-885-0880
Atlanta, GA Oct 20-6:30PM George 404-351-0561
Birmingham, AL Oct 21-6:00PM Warren 205-370-5507
Atlanta, GA Oct 22-4:00PM Wall 404-518-3524
Charlottesville, VA Oct 23-2:00PM Bedford-Scott 434-249-1863
Athens, GA Oct 24-6:00PM Stortz & McCullick 706-296-7734
Lexington, VA Oct 24-6:00PM Youngman 919-619-3518
Richmond, VA Oct 25-6:30PM Henderson-Best 804-432-0964
Bethesda, MD Oct 26-6:30PM Nickerson 301-229-2887
Arlington, VA Oct 27-6:00PM Coleman 301-466-2349
Mt. Pleasant, SC Nov 3-6:00PM Craig 843-697-8527
Charlotte, NC Nov 3-6:30PM Bleser 704-650-8976
Charlotte, NC Nov 4-6:30PM Kaupp 704-293-9239
St. Petersburg, FL Nov 11-6:00PM Nordmann 727-871-8223
Winter Park, FL Nov 13-5:00PM van Valkenburgh & van Son 407-644-9866
Asheville, NC Nov 14-6:00PM Farago 828-989-6205
Wilmington, NC Nov 14-6:00PM Keller 910-279-1752
Raleigh, NC Nov 15-6:00PM Holcombe 828-553-7409
Winston-Salem, NC Nov 16-6:00PM Golden-Pass 336-391-5056



301 Gwynn Valley Trail, Brevard, NC 28712 | (828) 885-2900